Jul 1, 2014

cambie #3

I really love Sewaholic Patterns, enough that they are becoming my go-to for a successful, stress-free sewing experience.  I mean, I did make three Belcarra blouses in quick succession.  It's just nice to know that these patterns (at least Renfrew, Cambie, Saltspring, Belcarra, and Alma {post coming soon!}) will fit me right out of the envelope and the final product will look professional and awesome.  I guess I'm just trying to justify my third Cambie dress. :-)


Jun 23, 2014

the story of summer

 I think the best thing in the world is to be a kid in the summer. 

Jun 14, 2014

lemonade out of lemons (and other cliches)

I have pretty good luck with my sewing projects most of the time, especially lately.  Even if there is some frustration involved in the process, the end product is generally wearable.  Unfortunately, even luck isn't going to be able to save this dress.

Jun 2, 2014

belcarra blouse times three

May is a rough month for me as a teacher.  The weather is perfect, and the end of the school year is so close we can all taste it.  The time from spring break to the last day of school either drags or flies, and for the entire time, we all feel like there's somewhere else we'd rather be: out in the sun, please.  For me, there is usually lots of grading and make up to work chase down, and I'm a little surprised I managed to make it all the way through Me-Made-May without giving up.  I didn't have much time for actual sewing, but I did whip up three Belcarra Blouses.  This is a nice everyday blouse--it's almost like a fancy t-shirt that I can wear to work--and it's a quick make, even for a slow sewing gal like me.

May 29, 2014

me-made-May: the final week


This week has been a struggle in so many ways.  The end of the school year is so close and yet so.far.away that I think I'm going to lose my mind before it's all over.  Clothing has definitely been about the last thing on my mind, and taking those selfies isn't high on the list either.  #summerwhereareyou

May 25, 2014

new developments

There have been some interesting developments around the Cooper household lately.  One of our children seems to be trying to grow up.  While we have not granted explicit permission, this process has been so cute that Cara seems to think her parents condone this activity.
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