May 27, 2010

dinner time!

I love feeding Cara.  I have always loved feeding Cara.  When I was nursing, I found it so amazing that not only could I grow a human being in my belly, but I could also feed one with just my own body.  I loved the snuggles and closeness that go along with nursing, and I think that is why Cara is still such a little snuggle bug now at almost 11 months.
But, the best part came when we started feeding Cara real food.  Watching a 6-month-old try to figure out what to do with pureed sweet potatoes is hilarious!  Think about what you would do if someone shoved that goop into your mouth!  I had fun inventing mashed up concoctions and freezing them into little goop cubes for my girl.  Things are getting even more fun these days because now, Cara wants to feed herself.  A few weeks ago, she quit eating her goop cubes at daycare.  I couldn't believe that my chubby child was refusing her food!  So, we started with puffs and Cheerios, which she loved.  From there, we are now on to zucchini, squash, chicken, and couscous (tonight's dinner).

(This was the first time I have seen Cara actually drink from her sippy cup.  She usually just chews on it.  Moving on up!)

Lately, I just give Cara whatever I am cooking for dinner.  The other night it was spanish rice, slightly spicy.  I didn't think twice about plopping some down for Cara, but PJ got a little worried, especially since at least a third of Cara's dinner ends up smeared all over her head.  Does spanish rice burn if it gets into your eyes??  Apparently not.  Cara gobbled it up.  And when I say "gobbled," I mean "GOBBLED," like she does with her bananas in the morning.  I think she holds a contest herself to see how many pieces of banana can fit into that little mouth.  She wins every time.


  1. Precious!! I love how she threw her food down at the end to wave bye-bye. Girl doesn't mess around with bye-bye.

  2. how cute!! i didn't even know you could freeze mashed potatoes...looks like i have a lot to learn about being a mommy!


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