May 21, 2010

never a dull moment

My students have been working on poetry projects.  One of my kids sent this to me in an email.  I had to laugh.

Mrs Cooper is a teacher,
She is not a preacher.

She makes funny faces,
And she is not racist.

I think she is kinda mean.
I like the color green.

Mrs. Cooper twitches her head
After everything I said.

I think shes kinda weird.
She doesn’t have a beard.

Mrs. Cooper thinks shes smart
For she knows symbolism by heart.

But we all know its true
That she doesn’t have a clue.

She doesn’t know what Im writing
But if she did we'd probably be fighting.

I might just turn this in tomorrow
But it could result in sorrow.

Because when she doesn’t like it
Ill probably fail.

The end. (:

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