May 19, 2010

starting up

Starting a blog is a lot like signing on to a reality tv show.  You open your life up to the public willingly, but I  suppose the big difference between *this* and The Real World is that I am my own editor.  Too bad no one will be around to splice my week into 30 minutes interesting enough for that coveted 18-24 year old audience.  Wait...I'm not even included in that group anymore...

When I started thinking about how my first post should read, it seemed natural to include some sort of "about me" stuff, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that my "about me" is really an "about Cara."  My life drastically changed 10 months ago when my girl made her appearance.  So what exactly changed when I became a mommy?

1)  My body:  Could this be because we cancelled the gym membership?  Perhaps...  I just couldn't pick Cara up from daycare after work just to take her to the childcare center at the gym.  Even though my pre-baby clothes *technically* fit, they just don't look the same.  Why don't things go back to where they were before I was a spaceship for an alien?

2)  My shoes:  I love shoes.  I used to wear heels EVERY SINGLE DAY to work.  I had some cute ones too.  I think the ones I wear these days are still pretty cute, but maybe my definition of "pretty cute" has changed.  You make that call; here is the latest pair of shoes I have purchased.

3)  My brain:  I am always forgetting something these days.  Before baby, I thought I had everything together.  Now, there are so many things to get together, it is impossible to remember them all.  I have found that I am more forgiving when other people forget things though.  So, if I forgot your birthday, don't hold it against me.  I'm probably going to forget my own next year, and it won't bother me very much if you do too.

4)  The Hills:  I used to love The Hills.  It's a guilty pleasure, go ahead and make fun of me.  But, I can't believe how trivial and contrived that show is these days!  Maybe it's because Lauren Conrad left, or maybe it's because the main focus is Heidi's quadruple Fs, or maybe it's because I would rather watch the Kardashians now that Kourtney has her own little one.

5)  My heart:  Sometimes, I look around me, and I think my heart is going to burst.  PJ was so awesome while I was in labor, and something about that experience changed the way that I love him or maybe the how much I love him.  I'm not sure how to define it, but it is more, bigger, deeper than before.  And, of course, my girl...I can't put that one into words either.  All I can say is that it's the coolest thing in the world.


  1. Absolutely loved this Jessica :) I could "ditto" a lot of what you wrote (though I've never watched The Hills, but I do love Glee!!). I actually have been meaning to write a blog for about two months now, so maybe by the time Jack is 10 months old, I'll actually do it!

  2. Do it! I love reading blogs! You probably have some really interesting stuff to say!

  3. I love you!!! You write the way you speak. I love reading it!! Keep posting, my love!

  4. This is great! You put into words so much of what I want to but just can't seem to get out. I especially love the "spaceship for an alien.":) Keep the posts coming! I'm a blog stalker but since I know you, it won't be weird, right?


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