Jun 2, 2010

batteries recharged

I think the end of the school year has got to be my second favorite time of year, right behind Christmas.  For at least the past three weeks, I have felt a HUGE burden of paperwork on my shoulders and I truly wondered if I was capable of getting everything done.  Was there enough time in the day?  Should I stop sleeping?  Maybe if I get up at 4:30 instead of 5:30...(I stopped myself there.  That's crazy talk.) 

Fortunately, I managed to get everything done.  In fact, at this moment, I have nothing school related to do, which made dinner with two of my besties tonight even more awesome.  We do this pretty regularly, and most of the time I bring Cara with, but she stayed home with Daddy tonight.  Even though I love my girl to the moon and back, it's definitely nice to have dinner with my friends and actually listen to them, especially when they have new, exciting things going on in their lives. 

I have a bad habit of allowing myself to get caught up in mommy and teacher and forgetting to be "Jessica."  (I am quite sure that my husband would appreciate it if I would be "Jessica" a little more often!)  I think this might be a common problem, perhaps the first step towards the dreaded "letting yourself go," and I just cannot allow myself to be that frumpy, frazzled person!  I think it comes down to finding ways to recharge the batteries.  For me, girltime at Panera seems to work.  Love you M and J.  Batteries recharged.

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