Jun 15, 2010

a day in the life

I am absolutely loving being home with my girl this summer!  I expressed this sentiment to a friend, and she asked, "What do you do all day?"  I fumbled a little for exactly *what* I do all day, so I decided to document my adventures with Cara today.  Here's what we did:

We hung out with Daddy before he left for work.

We ate breakfast.

We read some books and played with toys.

Cara took a nice, long nap.  Then, we ate lunch and practiced using our forks.

Then, the real fun began because we went outside to play in Cara's playhouse!

We went swimming.

We played in the swing.

We went on a walk around the yard (while keeping hydrated).

By this time, Cara and I were both worn out!  So we took a nap.  When we woke up, we read some more books.

We played with toys some more.

We played peekaboo in the curtains.

We chased Gabby.

We looked through the cookbooks to decide what to cook for dinner.

Cara was sad that Mommy had to cook instead of play.

But Daddy came home to watch "Elmo" with Cara until dinner was ready.

We ate dinner. 

Of course, after dinner there were baths, stories, and bedtime.  Fun days like today are quite exhausting.  It's going to be tough to head back to work in August.


  1. What a fun day for you both!

  2. how cute! you should make this into a book! :)

  3. I know it made the day more exciting to document it :) I did this for my job last year and it made the whole day so much more interesting! I love that she likes her books! She is beautiful!


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