Jun 30, 2010

a day (or an hour) at the park

Today was Cara's first trip to the park.  We are lucky to live down the street from a great playground with a pond and nature trails, and it was a perfect day to be outside; after a long string of 100 degree days, today was overcast and just above 80.  Fantastic.

When I first put her down and gave her the go-ahead, my girl was a little unsure of what she should do.  She just stood there for a solid minute before she could decide where to go first.  She chose to head in the direction of four little boys who were around 6 years old.  The little boys ate her up!  They wanted to hold her hand and help her walk, and one of them told me, "She is just so pretty!"  (Flash forward 15 years...will I still think it is cute for a boy to tell me that my daughter is pretty?)  When the little boys left, they each gave her twelve hugs.  It was absolutely adorable.

Cara really enjoyed the slide.  I helped her slide down, and she laughed and laughed.  She also wanted to eat a stick she found at the bottom.

Playing at the park completely wore my girl out!  All she needed was a quick sip before she headed off to napland. 

Overall, it was a perfect morning for both of us.  Cara got to have some serious fun at the park, and I got three hours of naptime! :-)

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