Jun 24, 2010

letting go (just a little)

Okay, so my CaraBear is walking.  Like, really walking all by herself.  On the one hand, I am soo proud of her.  She was barely taking two or three hesitant steps, and then she stood up and walked across the room while her mama stared, drop-jawed.  On the other hand, this is one more thing she doesn't need me for anymore.  It's one more step towards No Longer A Baby. 

In reality, she's been taking rapid steps towards No Longer A Baby for the past few weeks.  She has dropped all her bottles except the bedtime bottle; she drinks her "milk" from a sippy cup during the day most of the time.  She doesn't need me to rock her sleep either.  In fact, I think she would rather I just lay her down so that she can get comfortable a little faster.  She rolls over and tucks her arms and legs underneath her body and sticks that little tush up.  It's precious.  She has even started to play by herself.  Sometimes, she goes into her room and pulls every book off her shelf and reads them.  Again, totally precious (especially to me as an English teacher), but it's one more way that she is becoming more and more independent.

My newborn-mama-self (I had sort of a rough time those first four months or so) would say, "Are you really complaining?  All of that sounds AWESOME!  Your blob is becoming a human being!"  To that I now say, of course, I am thrilled to see my girl developing as she should.  I am so excited for her every time she hits a milestone or learns something new.  But, it all feels like it's happening so fast.  I want to slow time down just a little bit, keep her close and snuggled just a little longer.  However, I know this is the time for her to begin exploring the world a little more and to soak it all up like a cute little sponge.  It's just tough when she lets go of my finger to walk ahead of me.


  1. Completely understand!! Its bittersweet. Happy and sad at the same time. I think we have a lot more of this ahead of us. Which is a wonderful thing!

  2. Oh that makes me sad! I'm not ready for Leighton to get big!
    Alex K.


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