Jul 12, 2010

birthday parties and one year old stuff

Woo Hoo!  Baby Cara turned 1 on July 8!  Happy birthday, baby girl!  Your daddy and I love you more than you can imagine.

Cara was lucky enough to have two birthday parties: one with her adopted aunts and uncles and one with her offical aunts, uncles, cousins, and, grandmamas.

Birthday Party #1 with Melissa, Jeremy, Jillian, and Peter

opening presents!

not so sure...

no, that's not scary at all

I love them all.

yay for cake

Birthday Party #2 at the Beach!

Cara's cousins Ava and Brooklyn and Uncle Larry

she was an old pro by this point

wearing a cute new outfit and playing with her new toys

no!  is my birthday over already?

Cara got so many new clothes and toys for her birthday that I had to do a massive clean-out.  I love washing and hanging up all the adorable new clothes, but I also decided it was time to pack up some of the baby toys.

Cara didn't mind though; she has plenty of new things to play with.

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