Jul 29, 2010

dinner from the farm

I took the first step toward local, organic eating the other morning by visiting the Matthews Community Farmers Market, and I have to say, I was very impressed.  The market is open on Saturday mornings and Wednesday, mid-day.  The Wednesday market is smaller with fewer farmers but still lots of fresh, delicious produce and meats.  There's nothing fancy about this farmers market; it's muddy, uncovered (drizzled on us a little, but we aren't made of sugar!), and rustic, but those were some of the nicest people I have ever met.  Everyone said "hello" and made a little small talk.  This is the kind of place where, when you ask how much the basil is, the lady (who picked it that very morning) grabs a handful and says "hmm, how about 50 cents?" or, if your baby drops her toy, someone runs after you all the way to the parking lot to give it back. 

my little helpers

We ended up with a pile of veggies, a pastured chicken, and a ribeye for PJ.  The prices for the veggies were comparable with a regular grocery store, except that these were not grown with pesticides or fertilizers, and we bought them straight from the farmer, or in some cases, the farmer's kid.  The chicken was a little more expensive than a grocery store chicken, but not out of reach.

So, that pile of food became roasted chicken, creamed corn, and cherry tomatoes with basil last night and a few quarts of chicken stock today.  I think I'm going to attempt to "fry" some of that okra ("fry" in quotes because I don't think I really know how to fry anything), and maybe the rest of the tomatoes and squash will end up over some couscous.  I also hear that roasted green beans are pretty good.  Oh, the possibilities!

I have been trying to decide exactly how organic/local we need to go.  I would really like to give up most of the processed stuff; it's all made of corn anyway.  I started giving Cara organic milk, and YoBaby is one of her favorite foods, but there are some things that I'm pretty sure we will keep eating.  I'm just not sure we're ready let go of our Cinnamon Toast Crunch yet.


  1. Jessica, this place looks great! I will definitely have to head up there sometime soon to check it out!
    -Laura (from ABF!)

  2. I really have to plug making hot cereal for breakfast. You may remember me having some digestion problems back in high school :) and this has revolutionized how I feel. I make either oatmeal or some of Bob's Red Mill grain cereals (5,7,8, and 10 grains - available in bulk at www.vitacost.com) and then put walnuts, dried fruit (raisins or currants) and usually something fresh (blueberries, strawberries, peaches, bananas - whatever we have), a little milk and a little brown sugar. It takes me about 10 minutes to get it all together but it's a relaxing routine. Cara could have it too - Jack's still eating one thing at a time, so I don't want to try him on a 10 grain cereal yet, but I know he's counting down the days as he eyes my big bowl every morning ;) I love your blog btw - as I mentioned about 3 months ago, Jake and I intend to write one as well, but it just continues to not happen!


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