Jul 30, 2010

doctor drama update

Cara visited a new pediatrician today.  I chose him on the recommendation of a few friends and because his practice has office hours on weekends.  Very professional staff and caring nurses, clean waiting areas with separate sick and well areas, reasonable wait times (especially since I was worked in today). 

It's a strange thing to switch doctors.  When I called this morning, I originally asked to come in to talk to a doctor without Cara in case there was any paperwork or anything else that would need my undivided attention, but when I mentioned that Cara's previous doctor had ordered some bloodwork from a lab, she told me to bring Cara in for a sick visit so that the new doctor could see what was up.  The bloodwork was to check her iron levels for suspected anemia, which seemed odd since she has not shown any signs iron issues. 

Once we got back to the exam room, both the nurse and the doctor seemed confused about why we were there in the first place.  I explained the whole medical experiment situation to both of them; the nurse seemed more disturbed about it than the doctor did, but they both agreed that if my child was broken out in an unexplained rash, she should be seen by her doctor, which was really my whole point in finding a new doctor for my precious flesh and blood.  New Doc also seemed confused by the bloodwork order; he asked me lots of questions and then finally decided to clear up the anemia thing with a five second hemoglobin test.  One rather thorough exam and a heel prick later (the doc even watched Cara walk; old doc never wanted to see new motor skills), and we were making our 15 month appointment.  And Cara's hemoglobin and iron levels are just fine, thank you very much.

*Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who read my doctor drama rant and offered their advice and referrals.  You have no idea how much better your comments and messages made me feel about the whole situation.

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