Jul 5, 2010

happy 4th of july, a little late

Yay for freedom, independence, and a big thanks to the people who preserve these values (especially my little brother, who is spending his summer at Fort Benning, GA to train for possible active duty when he graduates from the Citadel).  And YAY for our dear friends Patrick, Jane, and Camden, who invited us to spend Independence Day weekend with them at the beach.  What could be better??

Camden is only a few months older than Cara, and he is a supercutie.  His mama writes her own blog here, in case you want to read up on just how much of a supercutie Camden is!  The babies were very entertaining.  Here are a few of the best moments:

chasing each other down the hall (Camden is a speed-crawler)

taking a nap on the beach

having a serious conversation

staying hydrated

playing in cabinets

digging in the sand

I know, I know.  They are too cute!  We thought so too.  It's really nice to have friends with kids, especially when you were friends before the kids.  You understand how drastically life changes when you have kids, but you also remember what the parents were like before their lives were consumed with diapers and boogers.

Cara got to experience a lot of really fun things for the first time on this trip.  The beach, the spinning teacups, the carousel, the aquarium...I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

All of these pictures (except for the teacup and carousel pics) were taken by my very talented hubby, who dabbles a little in a side business, in case you are interested!

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  1. Really great pictures!! I especially love the last one. PJ is really talented.


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