Jul 26, 2010

the magic kingdom

The most magical place on Earth...really!  We just got back from two whirlwind days at Disney World, and we are sold!  Cara had the best time with her cousins Brooklyn and Evelyn, and they all loved the Magic Kingdom. 

Rather than recap the entire trip, I thought I would condense everything into The Things You Need To Know If You Are Taking Children To Disney, according to me. :-)

1.  It can be hard to entertain children on a 7 (8, 9, 10?) hour car trip. 
There they are, packed in like little sardines.  My mom sat in that empty seat and did a better job of entertaining babies than I ever could have done.  At one point, I wished for a portable DVD player, but I took it back after Brooklyn and Cara got going, playing peek-a-boo and giggling.  No sweeter sounds than those.  Except for maybe snoring...

2.  Be prepared to spend some time on a tram.  Don't unfold the strollers until after the tram ride.  Disney has an amazing transportation system.  You ride the tram from the parking lot to the ticket counters and then the ferry or monorail to the Magic Kingdom.  We made the mistake of getting the babies into their strollers and everything packed onto the strollers straight out of the car, only to frantically pack everything back up to get on the tram.  Bummer. The ferry and monorail both accommodate strollers.  Thank goodness!

3.  Get your hair out of your way.  Fashion rules do not apply at Disney World in the Florida heat, humidity, and breeze. 
Exhibit A:  sweaty, wind-blown mess = no fun for mommy

Exhibit B:  dorky, yet secure = so much better!

4.  Belle is the best princess.  They were all sweet and beautiful, but Belle was the most sweet and beautiful.
Brooklyn and Belle

Cara and Belle

a kiss for Evelyn

an extra hug for Brooklyn, a true princess fan

5.  Even babies will love the rides.  Cara and Evelyn loved every ride we went on.  There were very few rides that had height requirements (at least at the Magic Kingdom), so C and E rode in our laps most of the time. 
It's a Small World, the babies' favorite ride

Overall, this was a super awesome trip.  We'll definitely do it again in a few years after our bank accounts recover.  Here are a few more random, adorable moments caught on digital cameras:

Yes, that is a rainbow behind the castle at Disney World.  Does it get any more magical than that?

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