Aug 15, 2010

deep conversations between mother and daughter

Cara: (in highchair) mwah, mwah, mwah

me:  mmm, that banana must taste really good, Carabear.

C:  (lifts empty cup to drink) eehhhh!  (slams cup on highchair tray)  ehahehaaahhh!

me:  Oh, do you need more milk?  Are you out of milk?

C:  weh, weh, weh, meh, meh, meh (shoves banana in mouth)

me:  Okay, I guess you don't need more milk.

C:  (bangs cup on tray) eeehhh!  ttthhhpppttt!

me:  Would you like more milk?

C:  (puts cup in tray cup holder and puts banana down on tray; touches fingers to thumbs and taps fingers together, making the sign for "more")

me:  HOLY CRAP!  Did you just say "more?" YAY! (serious celebration dance) Of course, Mommy will get you more milk!!

C:  (smiling, continues making sign for "more")

me:  (pours more milk into cup) Here you go, smartest baby in the whole world!

C:  tthhhpppt!  (drinks milk)

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