Aug 2, 2010

first day of toddler school

Today was Cara's first day of "school" in her new, toddler class.  Before I go any further, I have say that I love Cara's "school" so much.  Everyone there is incredibly caring and loving to the children (and to the parents), and the children love them back.  You can tell a good childcare center by the children's attitudes about going.  Cara used to point at her classroom door like "c'mon mom, there's my class, take me in so I can play with my friends," and when I pick her up, she's excited to see me but also happy to give her teachers an extra hug before she leaves.  It makes a mama feel better about having to leave her baby in someone else's care.

Cara got to move up to the toddler class because she's, um, toddling.  She also eats table food, can follow some simple instructions, and get by on one nap a day.  However, this nap will be on a mat.  Hmm...I am bursting at the seams to hear about how that one goes. There will have to be some nap magic to get Cara to lay still long enough to fall asleep.  The teachers assured me, though, that the kids are so worn out that they drop like flies on to their mats.  They just do it.  Wonder if the same thing would happen with high school kids if we put some mats out in the cafeteria?

Anyway, I took Cara into her new classroom with her new class of lots more kiddos than her previous class.  I pointed out some of her friends, and she offered them a sweet little smile and then went to her teacher.  I said bye-bye, and she laid her head on her teacher's shoulder, and I had to get out of there before I cried.  Seriously.  I teared up.  Am I really that mom who cries when leaving her baby at "school?"  Will I be standing by the bus stop on Cara's first day of first grade embarrassing her with my sobs? 

I don't think so.  No actual tears fell today.

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  1. Awe!! I miss seeing her in the mornings! Thank you so much for telling us about PCA!


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