Aug 28, 2010

my favorite things

It's the little things that make life easier, happier, and funner.  Yes, I said "funner."

I love it when someone gives me good advice or a suggestion for something awesome.  Contrary to what my husband might say, I actually listen when people give me advice and check out a lot of the things people suggest to me.  Case in point:  my fabulous teacher across the hall friend suggested a sushi restaurant that she had heard was pretty dang good, and guess where we ended up at dinner last night?  That particular sushi restaurant!  Coincidence?  Maybe, but she was soo right. 

So, I thought I would compile a list of some of my favorite things lately to share with the 8 11 people who read this blog in the hopes that more good suggestions, referrals, or perhaps advice will come my way. 

Obviously, two of my favorite things are this:

and this:

And I have already proclaimed my love for Cara's school and Earth Fare.  But there are other wonderful things that people have suggested that make me all warm and gooey feeling.  For example, my friend Jane had an awesome diaper bag that didn't look like a diaper bag.  It had pockets everywhere and a wipe-off exterior and a HIDDEN CHANGING PAD!  And don't even get me started on the little clips that hook the diaper bag to a stroller or grocery cart...  Does it get any better?  She told me what brand (JJ Cole)  and where to go (Buy Buy Baby), and I am now in love with this bag:

My next favorite thing is:

I know, that seems a little strange.  At the start of my whole eating better thing, my friend Courtney told me that she started eating oatmeal or whole grain cereal with dried fruit, nuts, brown sugar, and cinnamon for breakfast, and that it made her feel great.  I like feeling great, so I started making cinnamon-brown sugar-raisin-oatmeal for breakfast every morning.  She said it was a relaxing routine for her, and I completely agree.  And Cara loves it. 

Next on the list is a website suggested by my sister.  If you are all about super-cute baby/children's clothes, toys, and maternity clothes, I highly recommend Zulily.  This website posts great sales on adorable stuff for preggos and kiddos.  Love it.  Check it every day.  Buy things when I succomb to the temptation.

Moms need to take care of themselves too, though.  There may not be as much time devoted to this as we all used to have, but it is essential to feeling good about yourself.  The next thing I love it really a group of things:

The day I found out I was pregnant with Cara, my skin freaked out.  It didn't stop freaking out after she was born though.  I have been breaking out like a middle school nerd ever since, and I HATE IT.  I have tried a lot a few different products, but I have been on the Dove/Burt's Bees thing for about two months.  I was skeptical at first because everything works for a little while, but I have gone back to work with no breakouts.  I love it, and I think my skin loves it too. 

I also love:
(Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, Commander-In-Chic)

I am not usually a nail polish wearer, but I love this purply gray color, and this polish stays on for literally an entire week without chipping.  The brush is kind of flat, so it goes on in three strokes (time-saver!).  One thick coat works for me for (seriously) an entire week.

So there are my top five favorite things right now.  This is subject to change next week, especially if my 8 11 readers give me some new things to like! :-)  What makes your life easier, happier, or funner?


  1. How was I not a follower??? I have totally read every one of your posts...I just hadn't made it official, I guess. Mommy blogs are on of my favorites:)

  2. Love your blog! You, PJ, and Cara are three of the "things" that make my life "funner"!!

  3. Well prepare to have your world rocked :) The Landrys have now moved to steel cut oats. I tried these 2 yrs ago and was turned off by the prep time, but they're a good option for the weekend. 3 cups water to a boil, add 1 cup oats and cover & turn to low for 35-40 minutes This makes enough for a second day. The oats swell with water and pop in your mouth. I'll have to check out Zulily!

  4. I guess you are up to #12 that read your blog. Ashley showed it to me and I really enjoyed it. I especially like the idea of making the baby food and am thinking of attempting it very soon for Abbie. She now has three teeth that are all the way in and three more that have just broken through. Ashley and I want to bring her to see you and you won't believe how big she is getting. When do you have planning period during school? Talk to you soon, Traci

  5. Traci, making baby food was so easy! I used to make big batches and freeze it in ice cube trays. Worked like a charm. 4th block planning. I would love to see Miss Abbie! I love looking at Ashley's pictures! Isn't it amazing how quickly those babies grow up? :-)


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