Sep 15, 2010

baby style

I love getting Cara dressed.  It is one of the highlights of my day.  Of course, it helps that she is beyond adorable all on her own.

My philosophy on baby/toddler clothes is that everyday outfits should be cheap, washable, and functional.   As much as I am a sucker for a smocked bishop dress, I also understand that the teachers at daycare would not appreciate that dress if I sent Cara to school in it.  I was nervous the first day she wore her squeaky shoes.  I love them, but I was sort of afraid her teachers would be annoyed by the squeak, squeak, squeak all over the room.  Fortunately, they thought the shoes were as cute as I did.   

Cara's fall wardrobe arrived tonight, so I took the chance to play baby stylist. (Seriously, this is what I do after she goes to bed.  I wash baby clothes and put together baby outfits.  I have no excuses.)  There are the basic cuties like dresses and leggings or a pair of cords with a plaid top.

But then there's the hoodie.  Everyone loves a good hoodie.  Especially with skinny jeans (in a 2T, so this won't happen!).

I love these 2-in-1 looking t-shirts.  Thank you, Bitsy, for the vinegar in the wash tip to keep the colors from bleeding.

Love the bows on the pockets.

It's hard to resist a toddler in a mini.  Leggings keep it all in perspective.  (Side note: she will not be wearing any skirts remotely similar when she's 15.)

Leggings and a hoodie?  Could this be any more comfy?

And, just because Halloween is coming.

So true.


  1. Stop it- you're seriously making me want a girl! haha I'm feeling you on the squeaky shoes- Noah had some Mooshu trainers that squeaked and Joe made me take them out after only a couple weeks because they were "obnoxious". Pssh.

  2. She will be the cutest thing on the RH day care usual!


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