Sep 2, 2010

fashion victim

My baby girl is going to be a model!  My friend Alex makes the most adorable headbands for babies, and she needed models for her website, and her little girl also goes to Cara's school, so it all worked out perfectly!  I can't wait for the photo shoot and to see how her website turns out.  Seriously, these headbands are PRECIOUS!

Alex sent the clothes for the photo shoot home with us yesterday, so we held a special fitting in the living room.  The outfits are totally cute, but Cara is definitely more used to play clothes. 

where's Cara?

not so sure

yay, i'm cute

but i can't walk in these skinny baby jeans

 it is a really cute outfit though

quick change

yay! i'm cute in this one too

c'mon, mom

and, i'm spent

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