Oct 12, 2010

dancing queen encore performance

Dancing video #2 (here's the first one, in case you missed it)

Cara loves "Elmo in Grouchland."  This afternoon, I put all five of her Veggie Tales and Sesame Street videos on the floor and told her to choose one.  "Elmo in Grouchland" it was.  There is a scene where Elmo gets a little down, and the plants pop out of the ground to encourage him.  In the video, Cara is dancing like Elmo.

For those who don't speak Baby, Cara is saying "dance, dance."  I swear, I have got to get this child into some music and/or dance classes.  She would love it!


  1. Thanks for sending the sunshine!!! Love the "tiny dancer"!

  2. I can't handle the cuteness!!!


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