Oct 7, 2010

dress #3

I finished dress #3 last week, and it has so many mistakes that it barely qualifies as a "dress."  In fact, my friend Jillian laughed when I showed it to her.  Seriously.  (Love you, Jill! :-)  As with anything in life, there are Pros and Things I Learned.

  • This looks like a dress.
  • It fits the crazy toddler.
  • It has sleeves and a zipper.
  • There are no pins still stuck in it that would stick the crazy toddler.
  • The fabric is cute.
  • Um...
Things I Learned:
  • Sometimes it's better not to follow pattern directions exactly.  The contrast band on the hem is all jacked up (as in I had to fold the excess fabric into a random pleat as I sewed the band on to the bottom of the dress), but I used my own method to keep the same problem from occurring on the sleeves.
  • I know what "stitch in the ditch" means now.  That doesn't mean I know how to do it.
  • You don't have to use a zipper foot to sew in a zipper.  I still don't know what a zipper foot is or if I even have one.
  • I still need to figure out how to get my machine to do a gathering stitch.  Please don't look too closely at my uneven gathers...
  • I am brushing up on my visual/spatial skills from staring intently at the pictures on the pattern directions.
  • My sewing skills do not improve very much after a glass of wine.
In spite of its flaws and imperfections, I am really proud of this dress.  I made it all by myself!  It's my first step towards ACTUALLY SEWING CUTE THINGS, and I don't think Cara really cares if it's not perfect.  All she cares about is whether or not she can run in it.


  1. hah! i did not laugh AT it. you know, kinda like you laughed when i came to you with my BANGS that one day..... :)
    nothing wrong, just a little, well, you know.
    you're WAY more talented than i could ever be in that department!

  2. Hahaha! You make me laugh! Laugh like, well, you know! :-)

  3. I don't know about the dress,looks fine to me :) I just want to sqeeeeeeze that baby!

  4. Love it!!! Precious pictures AND dress! Kiss Cara for me.


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