Oct 30, 2010

fall fashion--Cara edition

Good Saturday evening!  As I thought about my fashion post for today, I realized that I only wore a rather nondescript t-shirt and jeans, but Cara's fashion sense was ON DISPLAY. 

Outfit #1 (this morning):

t-shirt and socks: Old Navy
polka dot diaper: Target brand
hair: nature
close up view of the polka dots on the diaper--the way to make poop look cute

Outfit #2: trying on the Halloween costume

really?  is that me or a tiger?  i'm confused.
ROAR! again
tiger costume: consignment
Outfit #3: a 31 party and serious business

excuse me?  are you trying to tell me "no?" do you know who i am?
(purple stripe dress and leggings: Target)

well, now i think we can work something out.
Here's a preview of Cara's outfit for church tomorrow.  I'm quite proud of it.


  1. Your little tiger is so adorable!!!

  2. she is soooooooooo cute! i love her hair.

  3. Sooooo cute..and I mean both of you! :)


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