Oct 29, 2010

fall fashion--casual friday edition

Actually, I don't have casual Fridays, which makes me a little sad because I think I could put together some cute, teacher-appropriate outfits with jeans.  However, cords are the next best thing to jeans, and this pair is awesome.  Comfy, stretchy, fall-ish, slightly less casual than jeans, basically everything cords are supposed to be.

jacket: Ann Taylor Loft outlet
yellow t-shirt: Target
black cords: Target
scarf: Old Navy
shoes: Dr. Scholls from DSW (again)
I love how there are baby toys scattered all over the place in this picture.  True life, Cooper-style.
flower earrings: Page Six

Thank goodness it has finally started feeling a little like fall.  I started out my fashion posts on Wednesday in an almost sleeveless shirt, and now here I am in a jacket and scarf.  Maybe we are finally done with 80 degrees.

CaraBear has a pumpkin party at school today, so she dressed for the occasion:

t-shirt and leggings: Old Navy
Hi, Gorgeous!  (I tried to tame those waves a little this morning.)
That's her "no more pictures please" smile.


  1. Your little girl is ridiculously cute. I love the yellow you're sporting today. I need to get some skinny cords pronto.

  2. Your outfit is so adorable. I love your scarf and love how you rolled up the sleeves on your jacket. I think I will be stealing that idea from you!

  3. Very nice!The whole outfit looks cute,comfortable and polished! The lil lady is beautiful too.

  4. cute! love the scarf. and your little one is precious!

  5. Pretty scarf! I love yellow & grey together :)

  6. Oh my, that scarf is soooo cute!!!

  7. I love the scarf and cords, and I really like your bangs!

  8. Thank you for all of the sweet comments! I am going to miss fashion week when it's all over!

  9. That scarf is really, really beautiful!


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