Oct 28, 2010

fall fashion--rainy morning edition

a special thank you to my hairstylist who gave me the sassy darker color and a serious bang trim  hello there, eyebrows!
 What a sad, rainy morning.  Fortunately, I got up all excited to document my outfit!  :-)

tank: Forever 21
cardigan: Target
belt: White House Black Market
pants: Old Navy
earrings: Forever 21
These are awesome pants.  I was skeptical when I first got them because they are cropped, skinny, and pleated, which sound like a bad combination, but somehow it works.  I am a special fan of the tank underneath the cardigan.  It has a three-dimensional sort of appeal.

shoes: SE Boutique, DSW
Baby Cara was especially cute this morning in her jean skirt and leggings.
t-shirt: Old Navy
skirt: consignment
leggings: Target


  1. that tank is really cool. it gives good depth and interest to the otherwise classic ensemble.

  2. Such a pretty outfit. I love the ruffle tank.

  3. I love the ruffles under the cardi. Fun!

  4. So cute! Between you & Girls Gone Child, I'm totally tempted to get bangs again...

  5. @Elizabeth: do it! I cut these at the end of August, and I was super nervous, but I LOVE them. I can be slack with the rest of my hair but still feel like I look okay for work if I just fix the bangs.

  6. Amazing how much a belt adds to the outfit. Such a great finishing touch!

  7. so classic, clean, and pretty!

  8. Such a well put together outfit :) Very pretty!

  9. I heart dsw shoes. -sigh-

    Love that tank with the belted cardi. I swear, a belted cardi is just the way to go. I wore it today too! Ha.


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