Oct 17, 2010

my newest project

I love sewing.  It's so theraputic.  I am not really a creative person, but sewing gives me a way to create that is strictly personal.  I really struggle with that work/life balance, and I think I always will.  My job too often becomes personal, as I'm sure any teacher's would, and it often feels like everyone demands 100% of me. 

But, sewing for Cara is really for me.

And so we have outfit 4:

The pants in the picture are my round two.  I cut out the first pair by a 18-24 months, thinking that they would probably be roomy.  I had them ready for the elastic in the waist and the hem when I decided that maybe I should try them on the child.  Wouldn't go up over her knees...sad.

Round two:  I cut them out by a 3T.  Surely that would be big enough.  I ended up cutting three feet off of the length.  The fit is a little wonky, but Cara can run.  And we know that's really all that matters. 

Despite my setbacks with fit, I think I am getting better at the actual sewing part.  I am remembering to cut off the strings before I sew seams together, which means fewer random strings sticking out of random places, and I reinforced my seams on the pants with a zigzag stitch in the seam allowance.  My pattern direction suggested surging, but I don't have a surger (I don't think I do anyway), so I hoped zigzag would work almost as well. 

The t-shirt was super easy.  I cut out the C, ironed it on the shirt, and sewed around it.  Next time, I will do better on the sewing-around-it part, but it's not so bad.

My favorite thing is the hairbow. 

Really, could that be any cuter?  I love it.  I followed this tutorial, and it was ridiculously easy.  Everyone should do it.


  1. So cute!!! And I love the bow! I will have to try that!

  2. Precious!! Love you!

  3. You're doing such an awesome job! You're inspiring me to finally open up my sewing machine that's been in a box for two weeks now. :)

  4. Thank you all for the encouragement!

    @Chelsea: OPEN THAT BOX! A world of wonderment awaits.


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