Nov 2, 2010

count your blessings--30 days of gratitude--day 2

Cara is getting to be a big little girl.  She's just a little over 25 pounds these days, and I don't even know how tall. 

She has very definite opinions about how her world should be, and when things are not how things in her world should be, she lets us know.  She communicates with a few signs, but in the past few days, she has started really trying to tell us what she wants.  Tonight, she wanted to wash her hands before dinner.  She was rubbing those chubby little hands together and pointing at the sink, saying "wa, wa, wa."  "Do you need to wash your hands before you eat?" *very deliberate head nod* "Do you need soap?" *another very deliberate head nod* And the child ate a salad for dinner.  With green peppers, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, and ranch. 

A few weeks ago, I took dinner to a friend with a brand new baby girl.  As I stood in his kitchen cuddling his soft bundle of sweetness, I got all sentimental on myself.  My baby girl was once this small, and now she doesn't even fit in her rocking chair across my lap.  She once needed to be nursed and rocked to sleep, and now she wants to be put in her crib as soon as the lights are out.  She once needed me to hold her bottle, and now she eats her salad with a fork (ok, she almost eats her salad with a fork).  She is so independent that I forget that she was once so tiny and helpless.

I am so thankful that Cara is secure and independent.  This is what I have wished for her from the moment that she was born.  To know in her heart that her mommy and daddy love her no matter what, that she can walk away from us, but we will still be here when she comes back.  When she marches into her classroom at school, turns, waves, and says "bye," I know she knows.

But sometimes I am really thankful when she wakes up in the middle of night.  She whimpers and wiggles, and I sneak in and scoop her up.  And I fold us into the glider and snuggle, cheek to cheek, her legs wrapping around my side.  As she sighs and falls back into sleep, at that moment I am truly thankful.

What you are thankful for today?  Comment below, or if you put your gratitude into a post, put the link in the comments so that I can check it out.  Share the thankful spirit! :-)


  1. I'm definitely thankful for motherhood. It's the best accident that ever happened to me!

  2. beautiful little tiger! she sounds like such a delightful girl. and that newborn photo?! ::MELT::


  3. Your daughter is so adorable!!! I'm grateful today too!

  4. so cute! love her little cheeks! haha ... so where are you guys living these days? we are in charlotte and still visit RH every now and then

  5. I am thankful for the beautiful Fall weather we are finally having. Bitsy

  6. - thanks for the idea!


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