Nov 22, 2010

count your blessings--30 days of gratitude--day 22

I am thankful for you. 

Sometimes I feel a little silly writing this blog because really, who is interested in my thoughts, opinions, rants, or musings?  And, besides my family, who is interested in pictures and videos of my child?  But I keep doing it because I like it.  I read lots of other blogs written by other parents, my friends, even complete strangers, and I realized that I like knowing that I am not the only one who overshares about joys, struggles, food, vacations, milestones, and everything else in my life.  It helps us all connect; we celebrate and struggle together.

I also just like to write.  I forgot for a long time that I like to write, but now that I have started doing it again, it's one of my favorite things to do (right behind reading, watching TV, and cooking).  Writing should be read, and just when I think that nobody is reading this, someone will randomly tell me that they read it.  And that makes me feel really good, especially when they follow the "I read it" with something nice about it. 

So, truly, thank you for reading.  Who are you?  Do you have something you write that I can read (I really like to read)?  Do you have any suggestions for how I can be better at this blogging thing (I also like to get better)? 


  1. I think your blog is just great like it is. I love reading about you and PJ and Cara and all that is going on. Please keep it up..and I can't imagine why anyone would not want to see the pictures of you and your family!! :)
    ...and I am not the least bit biased.
    Love you,

  2. I really enjoy your blog. I also couldn't agree more about finding the blogging community. It's so great to connect with people you wouldn't have otherwise!

  3. I really enjoy your blog. I am not nearly as faithful as you are at blogging...nor am I as good.

  4. Hey, I'm one of those people that see you and always tell you that I read your blog! I love it :) And I love seeing pictures/videos of Baby Cara (I think I will always call her that, no matter how old she gets). I like hearing about your life, because I've known you so long and yet we've only really talked about cheerleading. Hope to see y'all soon!
    -Laura B

    P.S. - It took me a while to write this because I feel like I have to pay attention to grammar and punctuation since you're an English teacher, lol.

  5. Love your blog and thanks for inspiring me to continue to write more. It's the closest thing to a journal i have gotten in a LONG time!

  6. Thank you all so much for reading!

    @Laura: I got quite a chuckle out of your grammar worries. You are so sweet! Come visit soon!

  7. I also really like reading your blog Miss Jessica!


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