Nov 29, 2010

count your blessings--30 days of gratitude--days 26, 27, 28, 29

I know I said I was going to be thankful for something every day, but actually, what I am really thankful for is time off.  I had a five day break for Thanksgiving, and it might have been the best break ever, maybe even better than that spring break PJ and I spent in Ft. Lauderdale.  Definitely better.

Day 26:  I am thankful for a break from work.  I needed to do some very important things like watch season one of Mad Men, sleep, visit with my family, make baby presents for three showers this week (!), put up my Christmas tree, and teach my child some manners.

Day 27:  One of the family members I visited over my break was my Grandmama King, and while I was there, I realized how lucky Cara is to have so many grandmamas!  Counting the greats and the steps, the baby has SIX grandmamas!  No wonder she is so spoiled! :-)  (Side note:  Going through all these little baby pictures makes me incredibly sentimental!  I can't believe that my baby is now a toddler who is swiftly moving toward little girl.  I'm actually tearing up as I type this.  Do other moms get this way?)
Cara and MeMa
Cara and Bitsy
Cara and Grandmama Ruby
Cara and Grandmama King
Cara and Mimi (PJ's dad's wife)
Cara and Kaz (my dad's wife)
Day 28:  I am thankful for leftovers.  Need I say more?

Day 29:  I am thankful for the season of Christmas.  I love everything about it.  The chill in the air, Christmas trees, Christmas music, picking out and making gifts, baking, snuggling by a doesn't get much better!  I love the homey family-ness of Christmas. 

When we unpack the ornaments to decorate the tree, I love that I get to relive all my childhood Christmases.  My parents gave me a new ornament every year, which means that our tree can get quite full, but this year, two-thirds of those ornaments are still in their boxes.  The wild toddler LOVES the ornaments so much that she has already broken a few of them.  Mainly, I have been worried that she's going to love that tree so much that it falls on top of her!  I have given up trying to keep the ornaments on the tree.  There's no hope!  But it doesn't matter.  I am so thankful for all of the precious reasons that it just doesn't matter.


  1. It looks like Cara is very loved. What a lucky girl? (And a lucky mom to have extra hands.)

  2. To answer your question about tearing up when you look at your baby's pictures; yes, all mamas do that. You want them to grow up and be independent but you never stop seeing them as "your baby". Cheesy, but true. :)
    Love to all my babies!

  3. I love Mad Men! Jake and I have watched the first 3 seasons through Netflix and are waiting for the release of the 4th season on DVD. At first the show annoyed me bc of the way women are treated, but then I got sucked in to the story lines! I like watching the episodes with the director commentary - it is so interesting to hear the back story of the scenes.


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