Dec 5, 2010

been sew busy

(hehehe...I'm such a huge dork.)

I have been busy lately with lots of sewing projects, and I love it!  I have made gifts for three baby showers last week, Christmas t-shirts for my nieces, and I even had my first official paid order!  WooHoo! 

I made burp cloths, onesies, and bibs for the baby shower gifts, and I think I might have been more excited about them than the mothers-to-be were.  Not that they didn't like them, but I was really about to burst. 

Those bibs were super easy (I followed this tutorial), and I was really pleased with the way they turned out.  I did need one practice run before I made one I was satisfied with, but I am like that with everything I make.  My old habit of perfectionism...

Here are the t-shirts I am sending to my nieces in the mail tomorrow:

I can't believe I haven't made one of these for Cara yet.   These were so quick and easy that I'm sure I could make hers a weeknight project.

And finally, I was super excited that someone actually wanted to BUY t-shirts.  Like place an order and purchase them.  I was beyond flattered.  Here's what I ended up making to go on the shirts:

And so now that I have those projects finished, maybe I should start on Christmas presents because I am not planning to buy any presents; Operation Handmade Christmas is on.  Maybe I should have started a little earlier...


  1. I wish I had as much energy and ambition as you. I would love to sew, but I don't ever have time :(

  2. I'm so impressed. I can hardly sew on a button (truly). I wish I could make things! My Christmas break project is to work on Jack's scrapbook - he is only 10 weeks old in it :)


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