Dec 27, 2010

the Christmas post (complete with pictures, videos, and yes, even words)

my sweet girl
What a whirlwind Christmas this was!  As much as I truly enjoyed it all, I am glad to be back to my own house in my own mess. 

Operation Handmade Christmas almost caused me to lose my mind on Christmas Eve eve.  My sewing machine got all fussy on me, and I had to coax it back to sanity with a new needle.  It sounds so simple, but I am a terrible troubleshooter.  I made these for the ladies in my family, and I was so done by the time they were finished that I didn't even take any pictures of them.  I also made some dresses for my nieces; I finished these pretty early, so there is photographic evidence:

Cara had a big time.  Her grandmamas, aunts, uncles, and cousins were so good to her, and of course Mommy and Daddy (or Santa?  I'm still not sure!!) attempted to give her everything she ever wanted.  I say "attempted" because we left her stocking (filled with pots, pans, and utensils) and her tunnel at our house.  I guess Cara got to wake up on Christmas morning twice! :-)

opening her first Christmas present from Grandaddy and Kaz on Christmas Eve eve

We also forgot to take pictures on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, so I guess these will have to do:

playing with her new toys

Fortunately, we did not forget the video camera!

And just to make this Christmas a little more awesome, it snowed!  This is most amazing because HELLO! this is SOUTH CAROLINA.

And, because I promised not only pictures and videos, but also words, I will close with this.  Remember how I have been trying to figure out what we should do about Santa?  I had a few minutes to talk to PJ's sister and brother-in-law about why they don't do the Santa thing with their kids (ages 5 and 10).  They said that no magic of Christmas is lost without Santa; they focus on the magic of the Word become flesh.  PJ's brother-in-law told me something that is still sort of swirling around in my thoughts.  His five year old daughter was asked in a check out line if she was excited about Santa.  She said that she doesn't believe in Santa.  Her dad asked her "What do you believe in?" and her response was "We believe in Jesus."  The rhetorical question I keep coming back to here is this:  would her response have been different if her parents played along with the Santa thing? 


  1. I would REALLY like a clutch! Let me know how much and I will put in an order!!! They are so cute! I am glad that you all had a wonderful Christmas--Cara is so cute. Abby was looking at the pictures over my shoulder and she raced to the photo albums to look at pictures of the Christmas she got a kitchen!

  2. she looks so cute playing in her play kitchen. makes me want to get one for conrad.


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