Dec 13, 2010

on IKEA and the toddler room

We spent a chunk of our Saturday this past weekend at the most awesome retailer ever:  IKEA!  I love IKEA so much that we are only allowed to go a few times a year because we always fill a cart.  We went this time for Cara's Christmas present, ONE THING, and we still filled a cart.  Everything at IKEA is so clean and crisp, selling the clean and crisp lifestyle.  Everything just looks so easy.  What I wouldn't give for everything to just be easy...

We bought a new set of everyday dishes.  The old Walmart set (and you know how I feel about Walmart) only had two dinner plates, three bowls, and a few little plates left, so we splurged on a new set.  "Splurged" as in we spent $25 on six place settings.  I know, right!  $25??  And those were the expensive ones!  But those shiny, clean, crisp white bowls hold my oatmeal so much better than those old bowls did.  In all seriousness, I like having a matching set of dishes.  I don't know why.  The old incomplete set went to Goodwill along with Cara's changing table.

What?  Why did we get rid of an essential baby item?  What about all the future babies?  Won't they also need a changing table? 

The changing table that we had was a rickety because there was a wrong part in the box.  PJ made do with what was there, but the table was never really sturdy.  And it had shelves underneath, so I put baskets of stuff on them, thinking that I had chosen the perfect piece of baby furniture.  Until the toddler found the baskets and emptied them.  And hid things.  And ate things., no, not the perfect piece of baby furniture.

Getting rid of that changing table transformed Cara's room though.  I had sort of planned to move it out anyway to make room for Cara's Christmas present:
DUKTIG Mini-kitchen white Width: 28 3/8 " Depth: 15 3/4 " Height: 42 1/2 "  Width: 72 cm Depth: 40 cm Height: 108 cm
(Isn't this the most adorable little kid kitchen?  Of course, the top part with the microwave was out of stock, but I guess that just means that I get to go back to IKEA to get it very soon!)  We moved around some other furniture too, so that now Cara has a ton of space in her room to just play.  It looks like a little girl room now, not a baby nursery.  We found the perfect playtime rug at IKEA as well,
FABLER PRICKAR Rug pink Length: 1 ½ yard Width: 52 "  Length: 133 cm Width: 133 cm
and Cara stomped all over it, saying "gurgle, gurgle" which means "circle, circle" in toddlerspeak. 

Cara's room looks so much like a little girl room to me that I am considering putting her in a toddler bed while I am out for Christmas break.  (The room isn't the only thing prompting me to consider this, I'm not that silly!)  She's really good about bedtime now, so I don't want to create a problem where there isn't one, but it will have to happen sometime.  Any advice or suggestions about toddler beds?  Timing, strategies, anything? 


  1. There is no rule that says if you try something, you can't go back. So if you want to try the toddler bed while you are out for break, I say go for it. Make sure you have the bar on the side to keep her from rolling off. And if she doesn't like it or seems to have difficulty to the adjustment, go back to the crib. Clayton was more than ready for his toddler bed! He could climb out of the crib at 18months! :)

  2. I think I might have a heart attack if she climbs out of her crib! Maybe the toddler bed is a good idea! :-)

  3. the kitchen looks like fun for Cara (and mommy)

  4. umm... if you ever want company on an IKEA trip just let me know. it is one of my favorite places ever!


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