Jan 4, 2011


I forgot my to-go cup of coffee this morning; therefore, the rest of my day was ridiculous.

That's awesome logic, isn't it...

I hate it when I walk out of the door without my coffee.  I have made no secret of my caffeine addiction or my aversion to mornings (see here), so forgetting my extra fix becomes a tragedy.  I spent all day, not just the morning hours but all freaking day,  lost in a fog or sitting on a cloud or wrapped in plastic wrap or something.  I cannot concentrate on anything.  Which makes for a frustrating, unproductive day.  I can't remember things, so I repeat myself, and I need questions rephrased, but I forget to answer them, but I will find the answer, and then my mind wanders, and I have to google that, so I click on that link, and then, oh yeah, I was supposed to be grading vocabulary quizzes.

I believe a shortage of caffeine causes ADD, no?


  1. Girl, I am in the same boat. Except I'm also rusty at all this teaching stuff. Foggy and rusty- bad combo.

  2. I'm sure you're not as rusty as you think! I hope it's all going well1


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