Jan 19, 2011

I hope I don't jinx myself...

I can't believe I am going to put this in writing.  I will probably regret it as soon as I type it...you know how that goes...but here it is:  I am not tired anymore!

And it only took 18 months.

When Cara was just a teeny, tiny newborn, I thought I would never get used to the fatigue.  I missed my sleep more than just about anything else.  Cara wasn't a particularly good napper (as in she didn't nap during the day until she started daycare at four months), but she has always been a pretty good nighttime sleeper.  I nursed for about 8 months, and I know she was still waking up to eat twice at night when I went back to work 9 weeks postpartum.  I am also fairly certain that she was still occasionally waking up to nurse at night at 6 months.  And this is normal for a baby.  She's always been really good about bedtime.  Even now going on 19 months, she's in bed by 7:30 almost every night, and that means Mommy and Daddy get to hang out.  Yay!  She gets up pretty early, but I am always up earlier than she is during the workweek. 

I wondered if my new sense of restedness (did I make up that word?) was due to all the days off I have had recently.  I had 2 weeks off for Christmas and then 3 days off for snow, so we've been home a good bit.  But I remember being absolutely exhausted when I was home for maternity leave, so I'm not sure it's really the "at home" part.  I fully expect my job to leave me tired at times.  It comes with the territory, but it's not the same constant sleep-deprived feeling that comes with a new baby.  Maybe I have finally gotten my head wrapped around the role of Mommy.

Even better than the feeling of restedness is that I am really, truly back to my prepregnancy size.  Really.  I swear.  I hit up some after Christmas sales with my shopping buddy Jillian, and I kept picking up the size 4 pants, and when I tried them on, I remembered that I was shopping for new pants because ALL OF MY PANTS WERE TOO BIG.  Putting those 2s back on was sweet.  I thought I would never get back there, especially when the numbers on the scale were at prepregnancy levels.  I haven't lost any pounds since the summer, but I think my hips just returned to their previous positions.  THANKYOUSOMUCHFORGOINGBACK! 

All the pregnancy books say it takes a year to feel like a human again, but take heart!  18 months later, and I'm *almost* as good as new!


  1. What can I say......JEALOUS!!!!

  2. Haha, so now it's time to have another baby so you can go through the journey again!

  3. Yay for being rested! It's a great feeling! One I haven't known in, oh, 23 months. :)

    And I *totally* know what you mean about post pregnancy hips. They're crazy! Congrats on getting back into your 2s! That's an awesome accomplishment!

  4. Oh, I remember those sleepy times! Congratulations on being back to prepregency size! I'm a new follower from Thirsty Thursday. Hope you can visit! http://www.lorihairston.blogspot.com

  5. What a sweet blog...found you on FTLOB...and so glad I did. BTW- I have 4 boys, and I think I'm always tired. it may or may not have something to do w/our super old bed that kills my back!! I toss and turn and flip and flop all night long...yeah, that's probably it!

    I don't think my hips went back at all...I can probably blame that on the 4 kids. But if I get into the "Blam Game", they will probably take a beating!!!

  6. i love the feeling of having my pants be too big! Such a great accomplishment!

  7. Congratulations on getting back to your prepregnancy size! You must feel amazing! ♥

  8. It's great to feel rested again. It sure takes it out of a new mom. Hope the feeling stays awhile.
    I am a new follower from the blog hop and am inviting you to follow back.


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