Jan 1, 2011

new year, new fun, new outlook

Happy 2011!

We might have been a couple of boring old folks hanging out at home for New Year's Eve, but we did everything you are supposed to do to celebrate the New Year.  We sipped a little champagne, brought in the New Year with a bang (wink, wink), and ate for luck and money.

I am beaming with pride because none of this came out of a can or box.
Cara had a special New Year's dress:
The fabric reminds me a little of fireworks.

And she can dance in it.
*Side note:  I used this pattern for the dress, which was super easy.  I made Cara a longer one to wear with leggings too. 

end side note*
In true New Year's fashion, I have given a lot of thought to my resolution for 2011.  Do I make one big resolution, or should I make more than one?  Should I just steal these from my friend Kimberly?  I love her goals; we're thinking a lot of the same things.  Maybe PJ and I should make one together, except that he said his resolution was to become even more of a man than he already is, which sort of excludes me...

In all seriousness, my resolution is to work more on my home and less on my work.  Does that make any sense?  I feel like I am always struggling with balancing my work and my home, and this year, I want to make a conscious effort to focus more on home.  On my family.  On my food.  On my sewing.  On creating an environment in my home that makes us all want to be here.  On leaving work at work.

What's your resolution?


  1. You just made my blogging heart soooo happy:) Thanks for linking to my blog (and for reading it). It's kind of funny that you think your goals are very similar to mine because I've been pretty inspired by all the lifestyle changes that you've been blogging about (including your amazing sewing skills!).

    And I think your resolution is perfect and SO important. You probably do a better job at this than you realize, but there can never be too much balance, right?

  2. I would just like to say that I am amazed at both you and Kimberly. I would love to sew, but don't know how to make time. I feel like my children are always getting into a jam. I am still debating on my resolutions for this year, but hopefully will be blogging about them later.

  3. You sound like you are nesting :) I thought that only happened at the end of pregnancy? No I don't bc I have strong nesting urges all the time. I really love getting everything in our house in order (I do things like organize our file boxes and my to do list has items like "Jack's old clothes up; organize top of Jack's closet" :)

    Working part time has made me insanely efficient at work because I leave when I'm done as opposed to someone who is there for a set amount of hours. I had to take a lot of work home to do in the afternoon/evening last semester and my goal is to not do that this year.

  4. My inspiration is all of you! Keeping in contact with such an awesome network of moms (even if it's just on the internet!) motivates me to try a little harder, reprioritize, and refocus. Thank you all so much!


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