Jan 10, 2011

snow day

I am a working mom.  That is my reality right now for a number of reasons, but I will admit that there are times when I am a wee bit jealous of those stay-at-home moms.  The ones with their etsy stores.  The ones who get to spend lots of quality time with their little ones doing things like taking naps together on the couch but also have a hobby that brings them some fulfillment outside of mothering. 

However, I think it would be dangerous for me to stay at home with Cara full time though.  Granted, the laundry would be done, we wouldn't be paying for a maid twice a month, and Cara would have an entirely handmade wardrobe, but a few very bad things are likely to occur:

1.  I would gain 50 pounds.  At work, I can't just open the fridge and grab something.  I am busy, busy, busy, and food is not readily available.  At home, it's another story.  One that would have a very fat ending.

2.  I would never get dressed.  I suspect that I will still be in my pajamas when PJ gets home from work tonight.  In fact, I will probably take a shower tonight and put on more pajamas.  And if I am still snowed in tomorrow, it will probably be the same thing all over again.

3.  I would be crazy.  Because I cannot read "Elmo's 12 Days of Christmas" even one more time.


  1. you are so right...I stay at home with my kids and I can not lose the weight bc everytime Blakely wants a cookie I feel like she shouldnt have to eat one alone. I also stay in my pj's or sweats all day, unless I have somewhere to go or an apointment to take the kids to. I luckly have a one day a week break when they go to a babysitters. I have dreams about Dora and Blue's Clues bc that is ALL my child wants to watch. It's sad when your trying to have an intimate moment with your husband, and he makes a swiper referance to you...and totaly kills the mood! love your blog and I always look forward to seeing another! -Courtni

  2. @Courtni, you just made me laugh so hard! You do get all those baby songs stuck in your head at the strangest moments! :-)


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