Feb 1, 2011

common ground

I want to toss out a big "Thanks, Guys!" to all the people who read my last blog post and shared/commiserated with me.  I laughed at all of the stories about what happens when your child melts down in public, and I cannot even express how glad I am that IT'S NOT JUST ME! :-)

Being a mommy is truly the most humbling experience of my life.  Just when you think you have the parenting thing figured out, your child changes the rules.  She'll go from an easy-going, laid-back, happy-all-the-time baby to a sleep-walking banshee on a hunger strike.  (Sleep-walking...yes, sleep-walking.  But that's another post...)  In spite of it all, the sweetness far outweighs the frustration most days. 


  1. OMGosh what a cute little girl!! I hate it when my dudes do the public meltdown. I just want to shrink until I disappear. Plus, you have those people who DON"T have kids giving you the evil eye. In THAT moment...you think it's the worst possible moment...until next time!!

  2. Crystal, I know what you mean! The worst looks I think are from people who think that their child would never act like that. That's something I'll never say!


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