Feb 13, 2011

my favorite things

Every now and then, I think it's good to stop for a moment and appreciate some of those seemingly insignificant, everyday things that bring a little joy to life simply because they are so awesome.  Here are a few things that have been bringing me a little extra joy lately:

1)  These two blogs

Three Birds

The Mean Girl Diaries

I like both of these blogs because they include actual writing, which, contrary to what you might think, is rare.  Both blog authors have a genuine voice with something to say.  I guess it also helps that they both have toddlers around Cara's age.  Whatev, I still look forward to checking both of these out almost every day.

toddler art projects

I love that our kitchen is now a toddler art gallery, especially because we have ugly cabinets.  The child has brought home more art projects in the past six months than I thought were possible for a child not even two years old.  Obviously, she is a supergenius.  The evidence is clear.

Alexander Henry fabric

I have been geeking out over this fabric for the past two weeks or so.  It's so cute I can't stand it!  It's in the process of turning into some seriously cute little girl dresses, but it also makes one adorable birthday present too: 

antique-ish tea sets

I have been on the hunt for an antique cabinet/buffet/hutch for my dining room, and I stumbled upon this demitasse set.  It stole my heart, and for only $24, visions of tea parties in feather boas are now mine.  All six cups and saucers will be on display as soon as I find my cabinet/buffet/hutch.  No real luck on that so far.

Seventh Generation Lavendar Floral and Mint Dish Liquid

This stuff is on my list because I had to wash a ton of dishes tonight, and it smells so incredibly good.  There are no words.  And I can always find a coupon for it at the Seventh Generation website.  Yay!

Earth Fare Organic Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate deliciousness for free.  Earth Fare sends out coupons for free stuff every week, and this week's coupon was particularly good.  These are creamy and decadent and worth every calorie.

7)  PJ wanted to know if he would make the list, and I told him "of course!"  Especially when he can take pictures like this:

love you, babe.


  1. Love the fabrics and the super cute tee! Wish I had some talent for sewing...Those are really making me want spring!

  2. I love Seventh Generation dish liquid too. :)

  3. I'm glad you enjoy reading. So kind of you! I also enjoy your blog a lot as well, we are kindred toddler girl lovers. :) I'm totally in love with your tea set! Can't wait to see your hutch (when you find it)!

  4. Ava LOVES her shirt! Aunt Erin does, too! So glad we are related to such a talented seamstress! Love you!


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