Mar 31, 2011

awkward and awesome

I have been reading these posts for a while, and they always make me laugh.  So here I go, jumping on the "awkward and awesome" bandwagon.

  • Finding tons of gray hairs after I oh-so-proudly stated that I would rock them or dye them...actually, I'm just trying to ignore them.
  • Trying to fight breakouts and wrinkles at the same time.  The best is when I get a zit right next to the wrinkle between my eyebrows.  The universe is cruel.
  • The fact that one of my classes has a Facebook group for the class...that they didn't invite me to join.  Maybe it would be even more awkward if I joined.  Facebook is just awkward.
  • Cara in a parking lot.  She really wants to walk, but she doesn't always want to hold my hand.  I can either be the mom who grabs her child's wrist while she screams and tries to get away, or I can be the mom who carries her child while she screams and tries to get away.
  • Being so good at hula hooping on the Wii that it unlocked a longer time.  Now I can hula hoop for 6 minutes instead of a measly 3!  And then I can fall over dead on the couch.
  • The Hunger Games trilogy.  I read all three books last week, and they are now my new favorites.
  • Being only two weeks away from spring break!  I see the light, I swear!
  • Making a phone call to brag on an unlikely student last night.  When I told his mom who I was, I could hear her sigh and maybe even groan a little.  But when I told her how much I have enjoyed getting to know her child and how much progress he's made on the project we've been working on together, she gave me a heartfelt thank you.  And that was awesome.


  1. - I have such a love/hate relationship with FB.....

    -I've got to read those books (fortunately I was looking for something new!)

    -I think breaking out at my age is the cruelest thing.... I infuriates me!

    That is all :)

  2. Love the Hunger games Trilogy! And what an encouragement for that mom! I'm sure she really appreciated your call:)

  3. I hadn't heard of the awkward awesome post. Fun!

    I loved the Hunger Games books too. What are you going to read next? And we already had our spring break here, but I'm still waiting for spring weather.

  4. I'm the mom who grabs her child (or children) by the wrist(s) saying, "HOLDING HANDS IN A PARKING LOT IS MY RULE!!!" And it's definitely awkward...oh well.

  5. I just finished the trilogy as well...fantastic!! It's definitely a favorite!

  6. First off, LOVE The Hunger Games. Loved it so much that the middle book wasn't offered on Kindle so I now have a hard copy (!) WHAT? Screaming kid walking or hip riding is all the same. Just rock it. So, my "awesome" new bangs are totally making me break out, too. Why did no one tell me of bang-induced-adult-acne before?!

    PS) You should wear a bikini until you fall out of it in old age. No Mom suits. . . ever. Come on Jessica! :)

  7. PPS) I think you need a button so I can click you faster :)

  8. So glad you joined in the fun. I definitely need to read the Hunger Games. I keep hearing such good things about them.

  9. I like these posts too, they make me giggle. I laughed out loud about the facebook page. And the parking lot thing? Yeah, I'm the mommy who opens the minivan door and announces..."Okay, we're in a parking lot so you have to hold my hand!" If there is any screaming, I'm immune at this point.

  10. wrinkles & breakouts ... not cool * holla for hula hoopin'! happy friday * *

  11. Hula hooping on Wii is the best. You can actually exercise without feeling like you do:)hi hi I just discovered your blog and I'm glad I did. I am now following you thanks to Fab Friends Friday, and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog;)
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    Happy Friday

  12. I love this post, what a great idea! I have not come across this bandwagon before :) We're all awkward and awesome and it great to celebrate it!

    I am the same way with my 2 year old in the parking lot ;)

  13. I used to teach and I loved making those random unexpected phone calls for the kids whose parents didn't expect them. Good for you!! And for the record, I had 2 out of 3 kids who would not hold my hand. Scary, I know!


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