Mar 2, 2011

good bye winter

I am done with winter.  March begins Spring in my book, especially when it's been above 60 degrees for at least a week.  All qualifications were met today, so I busted out my legs.

and my flat feet.  Don't judge me.

Aren't those awesome pink flats?  And I got that skirt for $4 at Old Navy.  Okay, fine.  Here's my whole outfit.

shirt: Old Navy; skirt:  Target; shoes: DSW

I realize that this outfit would look better with heels; in fact, I have some grey heels I was DYING to wear, but I am a teacher.  I cannot possibly wear heels while also revealing my knees.  Scandalous!

Getting my husband to take pictures of me this morning was totally awkward through no fault of his.  I am not the best in front of the camera, and I never really like pictures of myself after it's all said and done.  But really, I think it's because I pick out my flaws and convince myself that those imperfections are the only thing that everyone else will notice.  Being a woman is a lot of work, and sometimes it feels like we are supposed to look and be perfect all the time; thank goodness my head knows that is a sneaky lie, even though my heart struggles to toss it out.


  1. I don't know what you could possibly see in that picture that you would not like. You look great! And I especially love the shoes:) Sometimes I wear my cute flats around the house with a T-shirt and jeans, just to feel a "little" stylish:)

  2. I personally think you look fabulous! So, I LOVE your bangs. I'm getting some tomorrow, I haven't had them since 7th grade. I'm kind of scared, but seeing you rock them gives me hope!

    This whole outfit is perfect, I may need to scout the red DSW shoes out. Did you buy them recently? :)

  3. I second Kim! You're adorable. :)

  4. @Rachel: I so hope you will post a few pics of the new bangs. My only previous bang experience was middle school too, and it was not a pretty picture back then. Thank goodness flat irons are in regular use these days! :-) I got the shoes last year, but I'm sure there's something similar floating around DSW.

    @Kimberly, Chelsea, and Poekitten: Thank you! I feel a little less awkward now! :-)

  5. I love this look on you. Super cute! I'm always awkward in outfit pictures. No exceptions.

  6. So jealous, it's still cold here in PA. The outfit is cute and you look good in it! Thanks for braving the pic and sharing it with us!

  7. I've hopped over from FTLOB.

    The outfit is totally cute, pink and grey just work so well together!

  8. Happy Friday! I think you're dead cute!

  9. Hi...I'm visiting from FTLOB...I think you look radiant! I agree that we are always the first one to cut ourselves up...but we shouldn't!! You look confident in this picture!!! And I am totally jealous of the sun streaming in your window! I am still staying bundled in ski jackets and mittens...Bring on SPRING!!!

  10. cute flats! what a freakin find from old navy -- $4 skirt :D

  11. I too am a teacher and looking forward to the days of little sandals and sunshine! However the stuffy classrooms I will quite happily leave!! I have to say, I still can't get away with wearing flats every day. I will still wear heels at least 3 times a week haha!! Although not at the moment as I have a bad knee.. boo!!

    Just stopping from FLOB :-)

  12. Are you really complaining about winter while LIVING IN SOUTH CAROLINA?

    Sorry for the shouting. I get testier in winter.

    You know how it goes.

    Like the legs- wish girls could bust them out here in the midwest, but they would have to some brave troopers for that.

    Nice blog!


  13. Love that outfit especially those shabby red shoes! LOVE your blog! I stumbled upon it today via FTLOB & I'm your newest reader :)
    ~Angel @

  14. You are so cute!!!!
    I love flats of all colors! I have some red ones with a sweet buckle that I picked up second hand. I ADORE Old Navy! I wish we had one closer. Have to drive 1.5 hours to the nearest one. You are adorable! Found you via todays FTLOB 'Look Book' link up =]

  15. The whole package is pretty. Hair, blouse, skirt, accessories and most of all I LOVE RED shoes!

    Keep the fashion going!



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