Mar 27, 2011

my favorite things about 20 months

Spending a week or so obsessed with your toddler's development is very enlightening.  All of a sudden, you notice all the wonderful, adorable things she does, and you feel like a seriously silly mommy for that last post.  So, here are the things I love about Cara at 20 months:

1)  I love that Cara is learning to speak in complete sentences.  She loves to run down the hall and loudly declare "I running!"  When she is looking for something (like a lost sock), she will say "I find it," and when I tell her to listen for something (like a bird singing), she points to her ear and says "I hear it!" 

2)  I love that Cara is a G-I-R-L.  And she is.  She wanders into the bathroom in the mornings when I am doing my make up and wants to get in on that action.  I dab a bit of imaginary blush to those sweet cheeks and add a little Burt's Bees to her lips so she feels like a big girl. 

3)  I love that Cara has an opinion about her shoes.  Her daddy bought her some flowery Mary Jane style shoes last week (he shopped for them all by himself; could we ask for a sweeter daddy?  I think not.), but they are not the most practical daycare shoes.  The day after she got them, Cara pitched one serious fit because I wouldn't let her wear them to school.  I didn't realize that this fit would result in a wrestling match and screams of "daddy, here" all the way to school, and you can bet that the next day, Miss Cara wore her flowery shoes to school.  The apple does not far fall...

4)  I love that Cara sings.  What she really does is catch her favorite words and belt those out, but she's definitely singing along with you.  She will sing her ABCs with me, kind of filling in the blanks when  I pause, and today in the grocery store, she sang "Elmo's Song" and charmed all the cashiers. 

5)  I love that Cara still wants to rock before bed.  Except now, instead of laying in my lap, she wants to sit next to me in the glider.  I'm just glad we both still fit! :-)



  1. Too cute! It's amazingly how quickly kids grow, and how much they learn. Your Cara sounds like she has quite the personality!

  2. Lovely post; our children give us so much pleasure.

    CJ xx

  3. It's really nice when two-way communication becomes part of the relationship, isn't it? We are also dealing with the "I can dress myself," independent streak. At my house, that may mean wearing a superhero costume to small group meeting. Your girl is so precious! I'm so glad I get to follow along. Very sweet post!

  4. This is so sweet and left me feeling extra sentimental. Your relationship with Cara is so precious...

  5. so sweet, makes me look forward to my little growing up too! :)

  6. such an adorable post! I am blessed to have a lovely girl too and love the things little girls do. Yes she has a say in what she will wear. She is 4.

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  7. Im so glad you followed me. Your blog is great and Cara seems like a joy. Following you now. And anyone who (also) read The Hunger Games in a week is cool to me :)


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