Mar 10, 2011

the (shopping) itch

When the seasons change, I get the urge to shop BAD.  My part time job in high school and college was always in retail, and I picked up some bad habits, the kind that help me justify buying an entire outfit instead of just one new piece.  I'm quite certain that my subscription to InStyle and my new obsession with Kendi Everyday  and What I Wore are only adding fuel to the fire. 

Back in the days before daycare, diapers, organic groceries, and the recession, when I got the urge to shop, I would.  It was so much easier to enjoy the experience of shopping, of looking, dreaming, touching, and trying on before I had a toddler in tow.  Now, I do most of my shopping online because taking Cara to a mall, or to pretty much any store for that matter, is a task I am not willing to undertake most days.   She hasn't developed an appreciation for shopping yet anyway, so online shopping definitely has its perks.  There is nothing better than a package sitting on the porch.  However, the experience of shopping online is very, very different.  The aesthetic aspect is pretty much gone, and it's easy to lose track of the value of money when you are not holding the garment in your hands. 

These days,  I have (mostly) limited myself to shopping at the change of the weather and only adding a few new pieces each go around, but I feel like I should really try a little harder to work with what I already have.  It seems wasteful not to, especially when there are more worthwhile things we could spend our money on.  So, last night, I cleaned out my closet and did the seasonal clothing swap.  I love the fresh start of rearranging my closet anyway, but I really dug into all the nooks and crannies, and this time, I found a gem.  This pink scarf was tucked away in the back of a drawer, and I honestly have no idea where it came from or when I acquired it.  But it seemed just perfect  for perking up a dreary day.


  1. You and baby girl are beautiful!

  2. See, I just can't get into online clothes shopping. I have to try things on, and while my little one does great going to the store, dressing rooms and that much *still* time is another story.

    Cute pic!

  3. I completely feel you on the "store avoidance". I know when we get to the canned food items aisle in the grocery that we're about to melt down. Every. Single. Time. Canned food aisle. So I do 99% of my clothing shopping online too.

    PS) Second photo is the CUTEST PHOTO EVER and MUST be framed.

    PSS) Thanks for the thumbs-up on my new non-Daria bangs :)

  4. Love the bottom picture of you gorgeous!!!

  5. I have so much I want to say about this post but I am ever so distracted by that positively ADORABLE photo of you and your daughter at the bottom of your post...seriously. I am smiling looking at it. :) You are both so pretty!

    I recently discovered Kendi's blog after seeing so many "30 for 30" posts and being totally confused by it. I think she encourages an awesome concept of remixing, but I'm still fighting the urge to shop. :-\ You are SO right about losing track of the value of $ when you are online shopping (I went on a massive spree recently)!

    For the record, I think the outfit you're wearing is really cute; very stylish and the pink scarf offers the hint of spring! You're amazing to be wearing heels while casually taking a walk with your toddler!

  6. You two or too cute! So jealous of your walk without big bulky coats, it's still snowing where I live :(

  7. I am fighting the shopping urge right now as well..I have been out the stores every weekend for the past few weeks..luckily I have been very choosy and am trying to stay away from buying the "same ole, same ole"..

    I love the pink scarf you have so pretty!!

  8. sweet find! fresh * u both looks so pretty :) happy friday!!!

  9. You are both adorable! I'm a new follower from FTLOB. If you'd like, I'm at:

  10. As someone with a previous shopping addiction I totally understand!

    Your daughter is beautiful!

  11. Since moving to germany and seeing the prices of clothes in germany. I have gone to online shopping. We do Old Navy since they offer free shipping.

    Love the last picture of you and your daughter. have a great weekend.

  12. Do you use gilt or rue la la?? For me they make online shopping a bit more fun (I like the challenge of getting a great deal!).
    Regardless, you look adorable in the above photos!

  13. I'm really not into online shopping because I'm the type of person who's not contented on just seeing the item but touching it as well.

    Nevertheless, I also like to eat your daughter =) she's awfully cute and adorable...with those dimpled hands and chubby cheeks =)



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