Mar 18, 2011

yay for Friday!

Things I am excited for this weekend:

• Roasting a chicken and making some stock to freeze
• Buying some seersucker for Easter dresses and an order
• Sleeping in a little because daylight savings is kicking my butt
• Busting out my shorts this weekend
• Starting a new book as I am now done with A Moveable Feast
• Hanging out with my family, especially my hubby. I think we’re going to have a date night at home. It’s a date if you call it one, right?

What are you excited about?



  1. Sounds like an exciting weekend!
    I am hoping to sleep in a little this weekend as well...
    Im a new follower from over at FTLOB :)

  2. sounds like a fun weekend ahead! Hanging out with family, shopping, a good book and nice weather - I'm all for that!

    New follower via FTLOB

  3. I'm excited to have my daughter home for the weekend. We will just hang out and do girl things. Happy weekend to you!

    New follower from FTLOB :)

  4. YES for shorts and Daylight Savings time. I swear it takes so long for my sleep schedule to recover. Have a great weekend!

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  5. I love starting new books and sleeping in. It's like we're twins. :) Have a good weekend!

  6. Yay for spring weather, date nights and sleeping in!!! Have a great weekend!

  7. Those are all great things to be excited about! Hope your weekend is just as fabulous as you hope it to be!


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