Apr 11, 2011

spring is lovely

It's not spring until you've got your bunny ears.  Thanks, Grandaddy! :-)

I love spring, in case you can't tell (just check out the titles of my past few posts...).  The sunshine feels like warm relief from the bite and general dreariness of winter, and the woods across the street from our house turned neon green this weekend in a dramatic, glorious fashion.  Even my hair celebrates that little bit of humidity in the air.  Waves require a lot less work anyway.

My little southern town welcomes spring with a week long celebration kicked off by a parade.  My dad and I took Cara downtown to watch.  I will admit to worrying about how this would go.  Cara has not been a big fan of her stroller lately, and it can be hard to convince her to hold your hand and not run away, but as usual, my worries were totally unfounded.  She was perfectly happy to ride in her stroller, and when I let her get out to stand and watch the floats, she never once tried to bolt.  *Sigh of relief*  It was pretty adorable to watch her with her Grandaddy.  He's over six feet tall, so she was able to get a really good view with him, and I wished I'd had my camera. 

Spring makes me more reflective and appreciative.  I am simply in awe of the blooming and growth around me, and it makes me that much more thankful for the love and mercy of a Savior.  It makes spring that much more lovely.



  1. That's a beautiful picture, both looking extremely happy. I so wish my daughter had her granddad to take her out; he would have been so proud.

    CJ xx

  2. Awww, love the bunny ears!

    Your town's spring celebration sounds like so much fun!

  3. Spring reminds me of my new life with Jesus.
    Cute picture. :)

  4. So cute! I cracked up when I saw your blog title. Seriously, where is the manual?!


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