May 6, 2011


My friend Kimberly made these two highly entertaining and relatable lists of things she digs and things she finds overrated, and I'm totally copying her today.

Things I Think Are Awesome:

1)  The chop.  I have had not one moment of haircut regret.  I am so glad that I let those 5 or 6 inches go, especially when my hair is not getting caught under the shoulder strap on my purse or in the back of a chair, when I do the end-of-the-work-day-fingers-through-the-hair and there are no tangles, when the wind blows and everything falls right back into place, but especially, especially when it takes me way less time to get ready in the mornings.  Woo-Hoo!

2)  Three weeks left of school!!! (!!!!!!!!!!)

3)  Anna's Runaround Bag Pattern (more on that later)

4)  My denim jacket.  I want to wear it every day.

5)  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I started this one a few months ago and put it down because it didn't hook me at all.  I tried it again last week, and it got me.  I don't know what changed.  So weird.

6)  Son of a Peach and a little free therapy with my favorite new mommy and old bff (she's not old, but we go back a few years...M, it's getting close to NINE years I think...)

Things I Think Are Overrated:

1)  Tanning.  I used to soak up the sun like a sponge, but here it is already May and I have been out in the sun for the purpose of baking myself for only one hour.  My skin got all itchy, and I decided that I probably won't put a lot of work into my tan this year.  I got a little bronzer, and I think that will be sufficient.  I feel like I just have other things I need to do besides speed up the aging process.  Although, when we head to Florida for a week in June, I have every intention of playing in the sun the entire time.

2)  Cable TV.  We cut off our cable about a month ago, and I haven't missed it even once.  Cara watches The Cat in the Hat on PBS while I cook dinner, but that's about all the TV I'm interested in.  PJ and I like to watch TV shows on DVD (we are working our way through the latest season of Mad Men right now and waiting anxiously for the new season of True Blood to come out), and I like that we can have a little date night on the couch after the child goes to bed.  I thought I would miss Food Network, but I think I replaced it with a few food blogs...

3)  Top 40 pop music.  It's kind of like cable TV.  I realized the other day that I have no idea what songs are popular right now.  I keep the radio tuned to NPR and the Christian radio station because Cara repeats way too much of what she hears.  The last thing I want is for her to go to school singing something about grinding that booty on me...not cool.


  1. We got rid of cable last Spring and we love that we can entertain our kids with board games or playing outside instead of plopping in front of the tv! We do the dvd shows too...we are working through "24".

  2. I'm so with you! I have no use for cable, and I only listen to Air1 (a christian radio station) just cause it's a good message for me and totally safe for my kiddos!

  3. My aunt recommended that book and she warned me that it's hard to get "into" it...but once you do, it's great. So keep reading!

    Ugh, I want to cut our cable so bad, but there is such a huge fee for ending our contract early that it just doesn't make financial sense. Lame.

    So glad you love your hair!

  4. I love your lists but feel a little bad I was able to come up with so many things that were overrated...
    I will say that we are PBS junkies too and I fo' real want to get my hair cut again soon...I love yours.

  5. Ah! So happy you love your hair - I'm off for a hair cut right now, and I can't wait! Tanning and TV are totally overrated - I hate the girls that look so orange. Just embrace your skin! And I haven't watched TV in months at school, and I'm totally cool with it! Sometimes, it feels like I have more time because of it!

  6. that book is next on my list. and this summer i am going to cut back on tv drastically. it kind of crept up on my while stuck in the house this winter.
    happy momma's day :)

  7. Like this style post, I may have to try it too! Glad you love your hair, it really does look great!

  8. That would be bad if she repeated a song like grinding that booty on me!! Really good site you have here.I'll be back to read more of your site.


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