May 27, 2011

my favorite things: link love

Happy Friday!  In case you are curious, this is my last Friday of the school year!  WooHoo!  As a celebration of my coming freedom, I thought I would share some links that I loved this week:

I read this yesterday, and I realized what my struggle truly is.  Such wisdom here.

I want to try all of the suggestions here; maybe a summer project (or two or three)?

This made me laugh to myself a bit because we had the hardest time getting Cara to nap when she was itty bitty.  Basically, it took daycare to get her on any kind of nap schedule.  Can you say "first time clueless parents?" Why, yes, I think that was us.

I adore this outfit.  There is a navy dress in my near future.

We bought some fresh eggs at the local market yesterday, and I think I will make this recipe with them.  (Our eggs look just like the ones pictured, all mismatched and imperfect.  I love it).

This is going to be the next dress I make for Cara, and I promise that I won't make a matching one for me this time...

Need to entertain some littles on the cheap?  Try this!  It looks like so. much. fun.

Yum.  I have no other words.  Just drool.

I have been all stressed about bathing suits this summer.  I broke down and bought my first one piece (should be delivered today!), but then I read this and decided that maybe I won't retire all of my bikinis.

Look at these pictures with a tissue handy.  You will bawl.


  1. the navy & white dress for mommy is adorable!

  2. Hey! Thanks for the link up there. Lots of fun places to visit in this post :)

  3. Great links! Can't wait to explore each of them. I also wanted to thank you for listing My 3 Little Birds on your blog. I'm so happy you like it : )

  4. Thanks for the link love! :) A nice way to get back into the swing of things!


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