Jun 9, 2011

Cara's day in cell phone pics

PJ had to work late tonight, so I decided to document Cara's day for him since he probably wouldn't get home before she went to bed.  Today was...interesting.

We started the day by watching too much TV.  PBS kids could keep her glued for HOURS.

In addition to watching too much TV, Cara also ate too many gummies.

We made a weak attempt at doing some laundry.  We abandoned this to meet up with Grandaddy for lunch.

After the longest nap ever, Cara played in her pool in her sunglasses.

And this is what happens when things get too quiet.  Bad mommy.  That's waterproof mascara, by the way.  Lovely.

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  1. Cute pics. Has the mascara come off yet? :)

  2. I Love this post...my son tried putting mascara on his eyes :-) He informed me "Mom that stuff is sticky and stings your balls in your eye." hehe...needless to say he hasn't tried my makeup anytime soon!

  3. That was awesome!! I loved the photos of her in her pjs on her chair. TV is good for mama's sanity. And I hope you didn't have to scrub her face TOO hard to get the makeup off!!

  4. heh, heh, heh, i have a similar photo like the last one when my youngest was about her age - i was checking my email 'real quick' things got REAL quiet so naturally i went to investigate and he had gotten into the trash, pulled out the coffee filter full of wet coffee grounds. it was ALL over him! made for a cute photo though! :)

  5. I love the first picture....way to chill Cara! We all need to take a cue and relax like that :)

  6. That was hilarious! She is adorable. Looks like a good day. We always watch too much tv in the morning, so I can wake up! Stopping by on "Happiness is..." hop. www.atfirstblushbeauty.com


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