Jun 7, 2011


Sometimes I feel like I get more and more dumb.  Where did the brain cells go that used to remember things?  If I lost my cell phone, I would really be lost.  My calendar is in there, and I would never remember appointments, birthday parties, or deadlines if I didn't have that alert to remind me.  And don't even ask about phone numbers.  If my phone went missing, so would all of my numbers.  The only phone number I have in my head anymore is my husband's, and it took me almost a year of marriage to learn it.  Really.

I believe that the blame for this stupidity lies on the shoulders of the cell phone.  I did not have one of these devices until I went to college, so all through my early driving years, my parents sent me out into the dangerous world alone...(and no, they weren't bad parents).  I think the lack of a cell phone was better for my brain development.  I had to keep a real calendar and actually memorize phone numbers. 

Synapses firing!

Those synapses must have made permanent contact because I still remember the phone numbers of my childhood BFFs, but, no, I'm not going to prove it; this is the internet, after all.  I'm sure there were more numbers that I knew at the time, but these three are still stuck in my head amongst the memories of slumber parties and Dirty Dancing, lip-syncing videos and giggles.  Our fun was so innocent.  Did not having cell phones allow us to stay younger longer?  There were no text messages to analyze and circulate and recirculate.  Maybe we were more isolated, or perhaps insulated in our own bubble of silliness and innocence.  Those memorized phone numbers meant that I had someone to call anywhere, anytime.  How lucky we were. 

I try to imagine life without a cell phone today, and I honestly can't.  There is not room in my head for any phone numbers these days; I'm afraid that I would have to push something else out to make space, and what if that something was important, like Cara's birthday?  What if it was the PIN number for my debit card?  We have a phone upgrade waiting on us, and I am really debating a smart phone.  Would that make me even dumber?


  1. I'm always saying, "stupid smart phone." lol You make a really good point. What we used to depend on our brains for, we now depend on our cell phones. I use my smart phone for everything. Probably use it too much.

  2. I hear you about technology! I will confess that I don't seem to be able to remember my own cell number. Thank God my phone has a button to help me recall that info! Sad, I know!
    Your post made me nod in agreement!

  3. so i never comment but had to one this one...i was just freaking out because i couldn't find my phone anywhere...until i looked in the fridge and there it was. oh my...someone help me!

  4. Oh i can so relate! I would be in a world of trouble if I had to remember everyone's phone numbers!
    P.S. I have a Blackberry and was so mad at my husband for getting it (it was expensive) and now I couldn't live WITHOUT it!! I love it so much.

  5. I think you make such a good point here! Are we really better off with these "smart phones" and cell phones and being so "connected" these days? Or does being connected leave us feeling a little disconnected.

    Great response to the prompt! I miss those days of no cell phones...even though I'm pretty sure mine helps me survive now ;)

  6. *Sigh* You had me at Dirty Dancing! :)

    And yes, you're right, i knew a lot more things "by heart" before they were at my fingertips. Err- in my phone! :)


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