Jun 17, 2011

if it's too good to be true...

Earlier this week, our dryer died.  We were sad for two reasons.  One:  Household appliances of all kinds are really freaking expensive, and I would much rather spend my money on fun things like shoes and martinis organic groceries and fabric.  Two:  Think of the worst possible time for a dryer to break.  Are you thinking of it?  That's what time it is.

Good thing my grandmama sent me this dress cause I have no clean clothes.

As it became more and more necessary to conquer the pile of dirty clothes, I became more and more frantic and stressed.  My hubby is a lover of good deals, and he found the mother of all dryer deals on Craig's List.  I have never bought anything from Craig's List, but I know people who have, and they always return from making their purchases unharmed; however, I am still a bit skeptical of Craig's List.  It's just hard to turn down a dryer for $65 that the seller says works great.  The only problem is that occasionally clothing gets caught in the drum.  I pictured this as the explanation for all of the missing socks in the world.  Every dryer must have this problem, so it can't be that bad.

Things seemed perfect at first.  The loud shaking noise coming from the dryer wasn't really concerning.  I mean, this dryer didn't smell like it was catching on fire, so that's good.  Because I am not a huge fan of laundry, I washed and dried almost all of our clothes before I decided to fold anything.  And this is what that stupid, cheap dryer had been doing to our clothes:

PJ's favorite soccer shorts, soon to be retired to the trash

"Getting caught in the drum" is actually a big deal.  Apparently, it leaves a streak of rust or mud or some other type of poo on your clothing, and sometimes it rips a hole in an inconvenient location.  And I just washed and dried all of our clothes.  Great...

don quixote vs windmill .
Me vs. the dryer...I'm fighting a losing battle, my friends.  {via}

On the bright side, it seems that I will be saving the world for the next few loads by drying our clothes out on the deck or draped over the dining room chairs. 


  1. Our dryer does that! I HATE IT!!! It has a really bad habit of sucking the snaps of cute little onesies inside. Somehow Cam is able to slide the little thing out with no trouble. Me?? I ripped the crotch out of it! The other day it sucked a bathmat inside. Luckily, it shut itself off before any real damage was done.

  2. Ack! Well, if you MUST resort to line-drying, I guess the upside is it's summer. Hang in there, mama!

  3. Stupid Craigslist ;) I say hit up the laundromat. Get like 10 loads done at once, and completely fascinating to children. But I love clothes dried in the summer sunshine too!

    Hope you work it out!

  4. This sounds like an absolute nightmare!! I'm not sure I know how to do anything by hand without the assistance of a trusty appliance or computerized system - AAK!

    (Stopped by from TRDC - glad I did!)

  5. Time to string a twine between two trees and let Mother Nature take some of the load off!

  6. Oh no! I hate when that happens. At least it's summer and you can hang clothes out to dry.

  7. When our boys were little we had a washing machine but no dryer so we hung everything out to dry. Then we got a dryer (cue Hallelujah chorus). Then it broke. Then we bought one for fifty dollars, took the heating coil out and put it in ours.

    Line drying clothes is no problem in Wyoming - no humidity, constant wind, and the birds are mostly polite about not pooping on your clothes.

    Line drying in North Carolina? High humidity, no wind, and the birds/squirrels/possums poop any dang place.

    Maybe the laundry fairy will drop a working dryer off at your house? It could happen!

  8. Oh no!!! Stupid dryer!! Sorry that your's died. Sorrier still that the new one is a jerk that tries to eat your clothes.

  9. Yikes! Sorry you had a bad experience with something from Craig's List. We have bought and sold several times with no issue. Hope things work out for you soon!

    Love the pic of you vs. the dryer, very cute ;)


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