Jun 29, 2011

sleeping arrangements

When we were on vacation in Florida last week, PJ, Cara, and I all shared one hotel room.  It was an awesome room with a little kitchen and a balcony overlooking the ocean and a nice big king-sized bed. We usually put Cara in a pack and play to sleep when we travel because sleeping in the bed with us is not really an option; she would never go to sleep.  We also try to put her in another room or in a secluded, dark place so that she will stay asleep all night.  So, sharing one hotel room meant that we had to get creative about our sleeping arrangements.  Luckily, the pack and play just barely fit into the bathroom, so that became Cara's bedroom after about 8 pm.

It worked really well; we could even sneak in to go pee after she was asleep.  I checked on her one night and was overcome with how sweet and peaceful she was, so I made my hubby take a picture of her.  In the dark.  With no flash. 

I didn't really notice it when I was looking at her in the dark, but in the picture, the first thing that screams at me is that she is basically touching the sides of the pack and play with her head and her feet.  My baby is getting too big for it.  Fortunately, this picture is what finally convinced me that we need to move Cara to a toddler bed.

I have been agonizing over this decision (um, yeah and ahem) for a little while now, but I realized that we cannot keep making this child sleep in a pack and play when she is too tall for it.  That's mean.  And getting her out of the pack and play means getting her out of the crib.

So we bit the bullet.  Took the plunge.  Climbed the mountain.

Okay, it wasn't that dramatic.  We just took the side off of the crib.  Actually, very little changed except that CARA CAN ESCAPE NOW!  But, you know, I always worry about how Cara will react to something and whether or not she's ready to handle something, and she almost always proves that I don't give her enough credit.  She's been sleeping in her new bed since Sunday, and she has not escaped once.  She climbs in for naps and bedtime all by herself and I cover her up and give her a kiss.  And that's it. 

There have only been two moments when I questioned the change.  Cara fell out of the bed on the first or second night.  Her daddy went to rescue her, and he said that she was sitting on the floor bewildered by her rude awakening, saying "Cara fall down."  Her crib mattress is so low that I don't really think she can get hurt unless she falls out on her head.  Which almost happened last night.  When I went to check on her, she was laying sideways with her head hanging off the side of the bed.  Perhaps that is dangerous?   

So it seems that we have made it through the big girl bed transition unscathed.  I hope potty training is this easy...


  1. Transitions are hard, aren't they. It means our babies are growing up. But it's also exciting to see the changes in our little ones. Keep up the good work. :)

  2. Bed transitions are a slice of cake compared to potty training. Which might I add, we are STILL doing. Mine STILL won't crap on the pot, she demands a pull-up. It's exhausting. I bet it will be easy peasy for Cara though. I'm convinced I've been cursed because I hate poop so much.

    Sorry for that over share that was completely unrelated. The bed transition was easy for us too. We close her door (she doesn't know how to open it) at night and she stays in her room and plays until I go in and get her in the AM. No horror stories yet. . .

    YAY CARA!!!

  3. @Rachel: I am baffled by potty training. How did you start? Just put her in some undies? Poop is pretty high on my dislike list, and I'm fearful of that curse you speak of, though I'm sure Blair will get that hang of it soon! No one ever goes to high school still pooping in pull-ups! :-)

  4. The sleeping situation when traveling with kids is such a challenge. My 2 year old just decided that she's too much of a big girl to sleep in the pack-n-play, and we're on vacation right now. It has added a new level of stress to vacationing, for sure, but it's a sign to me that she's ready for a real bed when we return home.

  5. Hooray! I knew you could do it :)

  6. I'm starting to realize that the transitions are usually harder on us as parents than it is on the kiddos. Congrats to Cara for taking her big girl bed in stride :)


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