Aug 8, 2011

it's back to school for us!

Today was my first day back at school.  I was sort of in denial about heading back to work, as in, that day isn't really going to come.  But it did, and I went.  Turns out that I really enjoyed catching up with my teacher friends, my classroom isn't as messy as I thought (except for the mouse poop ALL IN MY DESK DRAWERS), and I'm actually looking forward to my schedule.  I'm teaching English 4 IB this year, which is new to me, but I'm really looking forward to digging into the literature that much more deeply with kids who will want to go there with me.  I'm a nerd, I know.  Not that I don't love my regular English 3 kids too.  They are never boring and always surprise me.  I'm sure a lot of people would find this hard to believe, but I really like teenagers.  They are a nice mix of silly and adult most of the time.

The really big news today is that Baby Cara is no longer in the toddler class but now in the 2K class at her school.  She had a pretty rough morning; between breakfast, putting on *gasp* SHORTS, and getting out the door, she melted into a crying mess.  All I heard on the way to school was "Cara sad, Mommy!"  She perked right up when we got to school and discovered that she was going to a new class.  Actually, we both discovered.  I must forget to read the newsletters or something because these things always take me by surprise.  I was a little sad because my baby is a toddler who is really a little girl, but I was also excited and proud because my girl is a smarty pants.  I know it's not polite to brag, but I'm doing it anyway.

Happy Monday!


  1. She is a smarty pants! Way to get through a tough first day :)

    Do you teach at an International Baccalaureate school? I went through IB training, and although it's a little fuzzy right now, I remember saying that I would definitely send my kids to one. If you do and have a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts. And if you don't have a sec until October, I understand ;)

    Welcome back to school!

  2. Glad to see a fellow HS teacher! I teach HS history! Thankfully I work online so I wont be finding any mouse poop in my classroom! Unlike you, though, I am not 100% excited about going back! I feel like I had a really short summer and didnt get to accomplish everything! Oh well!

    Happy comment love day!


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