Aug 21, 2011

note to self

Dear Self, 
You have got to get it together because this is entirely unacceptable:

Thursday's dinner:
Quinoa with tomatoes (and marscarpone!)


Saturday's dinner
(no description necessary)

Let me explain.  You did so well all week long, especially since it was back-to-school week.  You served lots of fresh veggies and quinoa, and that lemon pepper chicken was delicious.  Your meal planning was right on target: easy, quick, and healthy.  You even spent less than usual at the grocery store last week! 

However, Saturday was a disaster.  The pizza wouldn't have been so bad except that it came after a day of burgers and hot dogs.  Really?  Burgers, hot dogs, and pizza all in the same day?  Can't you at least space these out a bit?  Let's not mention the number of calories and amount of chemicals you probably consumed.  It's too depressing.

Instead, let's focus on the new week ahead.  Go dig through your recipes and do a little meal planning.  Spend some quality time at Earth Fare.  And take some Mediterranean Chickpea Salad with you to the little get-together tonight.  Your hubby loves it, and it will make you feel better.

1 comment:

  1. I so hear you girl! That Mediterranean Chickpea Salad looks like a good one to try so I printed the recipe. I think my hubby may even eat it too :)


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